Information about Meopin

How it works

Our users are healthcare providers (individuals, collectivities or businesses) and patients.

Profiles and Listings.

Every user on our marketplace has a profile page, complete with their bio, listings and review.
For providers, creating engaging listings is easy: they can add their pricing, description, location and multiple pictures. All content is user-generated.

Availability and Bookings.

Providers can specify their listing availability per day, per night or per hour. Patients can view athe availability on the listing calendar. Our booking system prevents double-bookings and ensures users are happy to transact on our marketplace again and again.

Search engine and Filtering

Meopin offers a great search experience. Our advanced filtering and categorization tool means patients can search for products or services based on location, price, keyword – or any other category we have set up.

Payments and Commission

We accept payment from 200+ countries and in 25+ currencies with our payment system. Users may geel secure as we are paying providers only after the booking is completed. Meopin’s commission is taken from each transaction automatically.

Reviews and Interaction

Users may communicate with others, and exchange messages at any stage in the transaction. Users may review each other after a transaction, which builds trust within our marketplace community.

Multiple signup options

Meopin lets users sign up as quickly as possible with their Google (and soon, Facebook and LinkedIn) accounts. They can also use a signup form and fill in custom information. Meopin is GDPR compliant.

Mobile friendly

Our Meopin marketplace is guaranteed to look and work great on any device.

Languages and Currencies

Meopin is right now available in 3 languages. Additional languages will be added soon. Our payment system works in 200+ countries and supports 25+ currencies.

Healthcare Providers: How to Start Selling on Meopin

1.    Sign up for a Meopin account. Choose a category, create your account, and set up your profile.
2.    List your services or products. 
3.    Upon order, deliver your products. Provide your services.
4.    Receive your earnings. Meopin deducts fees from your profit and sends the balance to your bank account.

Subscription price. Fees.

Meopin's business model is very easy. We take from healthcare providers a 69 USD subscription fee per month and a 10 % transaction fee. No set-up fees. Two months of subscription are offered for free if you register during the Corona crisis.
For private users, the use of the marketplace is entirely free. You have only to register when you are making transactions (buying products or services online) in the marketplace.