Jonix Cube - Air purification device. Effective ag. Corona virus

Jonix cube is an air purification device. Its cold plasma technology removes bacteria, mold, viruses, pollutants and odors. Effective also for cleaning air from Corona virus.

Air pollution has a direct on our body’s vital functions and our ability to stay healthy. CUBE creates ideal conditions for the body, giving people an improvement in their state of health. It brings relief from breathing difficulty symptoms to allergic and asthmatic people. It optimizes respiratory functions in asthmatics. It improves vital functions and increases oxygen absorption by the body. It protects against microbial contamination aerial carried in all areas with high transit of persons and in crowded rooms.

Designed for the sanitization of rooms up to 85 square meters. Daily recommended minimum operating tome: 3 h (up to 20 m2), 4 h (up to 30 m2, 12 h (up to 50 m2), 24 h (up to 70 m2).

Cold plasma technology, based on the ionization phenomenon, is able to break down the coronavirus in indoor environments by up to 99.9% in half an hour. This is confirmed by a study, currently being published, conducted by Andrea Crisanti's team at the University of Padua.

A physical phenomenon generated at room temperature uses air to transform it into an ionised gas (cold plasma) consisting of various electrically charged particles: electrons, ions, atoms and molecules that collide with each other to produce oxidising species capable of disaggregating volatile organic compounds such as bacteria and viruses.

Produced in Italy. Certified TÜV. CE Mark.

Documents available:
- Brochure
- User and maintenance manual
- Certifications (CE ....)
- EU Commission certificate as a "high-quality project" (Horizon 2020)
- Indoor quality


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