Luxembourg - Consultation centre - Esch/Alzette

COVID-19 Consultation Centre
2 rue Jos Kieffer
L-4176 Esch/Alzette

Opening hours ?
7 days a week - from 10 am to 5 pm

For whom?
Every person, whether or not they have social security coverage.
No, for people who already have a medical prescription for a COVID PCR test (who will have to go to a private laboratory to be tested)
No, for those who have been invited to take a COVID PCR test as part of the Large Scale Testing (who will have to go to one of the testing centres specifically dedicated for this purpose after making an appointment).

Conditions ?
1) Symptoms: be a symptomatic person, i.e. a person who shows signs of COVID-19 infection, or a person already diagnosed with COVID-19+.
2) Age: > 6 years old
3) Medical prescription: not required

Costs ?
Consultation free.

Documents to bring with you ?
1) Identity document
2) Social security card (if insured)

Resources and equipment available on site ?
1) Doctor, who carries out the clinical examination of patients and who is assisted in their care by other health professionals
2) Team for the collection of administrative information
3) Team to take care of logistics
4) Basic medical equipment which allows the ambulatory care of persons with suspected signs of COVID-19 infection as well as persons diagnosed COVID-19+.
5) COVID19 PCR nasopharyngeal swabs can be performed directly on site.

Listing created Nov 23, 2020

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